Make Money with Games

Today’s technology allows anyone to be a game developer – at least in theory. Internet is full of tips, tutorials, and pre-made platforms on which one can start building their very own online game. The process of making a game might be simple but making a successful money-creating site is a whole other story. Know…

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Games based on movies

Free to Play Online Games Some of the best games based on movies are those freely available online from your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone. Among the best sites for quizzes and games like these is Sporcle. The site has a subcategory specifically for movie-related quizzes that will have even the most knowledgeable film buffs…

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World’s best robot games

Although robots have had a significant influence in popular culture lately, there are a few titles that stand out against the rest as great titles. Here are some fantastic video games that feature robots predominately as either main characters or as main story elements. Mechwarrior Online Since its first conception by parent company FASA in…

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